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Real Estate Appraisals

L’Emplacement vous aide à évaluer la valeur exacte de votre maison ou appartement grâce à son service d’expertise

Real Estate Appraisals for your residential or commercial property

Call on an independent real estate expert to impartially appraisal the value of your real estate. Our expertise is based on precise applied methods, guided by strict rules to ensure the accuracy and legal justification of each data used. We can justify the property value to individuals, administrative and judicial bodies, notaries, accountants, tax administrations, banks or insurance companies.

Our certified real estate expert, Christelle Schenck, has 20 years of experience in the real estate field and is certified by the National Center of Expertise (CNE) and the Recognised European Valuer (REV) TEGOVA. She operates in Alsace and throughout France.

We use different methods to evaluate the value of a real estate property. The hedonic method is used for condominium lots, taking into account five main factors for a weighted square meter price. The comparison and static regression method uses transactions made on properties to define the value of a property. The soil + construction cost – obsolescence method evaluates the two components of a building, its land and its building with its obsolescence. The income capitalization method values a real estate property by the income it generates by applying a rate of return. The developer’s balance sheet method calculates the return on investment projection of a property using the urban potential. Finally, the cash flow discounting method evaluates the capacity of a property to produce wealth, taking into account all its depreciation, provisions and profits.

These methods allow for a detailed and precise approach for each situation and any type of real estate property, guaranteeing the coherence and precise justification of the obtained market values. Trust our real estate expertise for your residential or commercial property.

Field of expertise: Residential and commercial real estate

Are you looking for a real estate evaluation expert to evaluate your residential or commercial property? Christelle is here to help. With a solid experience and in-depth knowledge of residential and commercial real estate, Christelle carries out evaluations on direct request from individuals or on prescription from legal advisors such as notaries or lawyers. She intervenes in contexts of purchase, sale, settlement of succession or donation, and also provides value opinions for protected persons, advancements on inheritance shares, tax declarations and expertise for loans.

Our approach is based on a rigorous analysis of the legal, architectural, and environmental characteristics of the property, as well as the application of methods defined by the Real Estate Evaluation Expertise Charter. We provide a detailed report for each evaluation conducted.

In addition to our evaluation services, we also offer services for real estate transactions, such as the purchase, sale and exchange of properties, succession and sharing of donations, exit from community or indivision and preferential allocation. We also provide tax declaration services for inheritance tax and solidarity tax on wealth.

In the field of commercial real estate, we offer appraisal services for market and rental value for activity premises, warehouses, industrial premises, offices, etc. We have an important reference database and a solid experience to help our lessors or tenants make informed decisions.

If you are looking for services to renew your commercial lease, uncap your rent, calculate your rent, or obtain eviction compensation in the context of non-renewal, we are here to help. We also provide quick and comprehensive quotes so that you can control your budget.

Trust our expertise for all your residential and commercial real estate evaluations. Contact us now to learn more about our services.


Christelle is committed to providing a quick and comprehensive quote so that her clients can understand and control their budget.

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