Property valuation

Property valuation

L’Emplacement offers the facility for OWNERS and USERS to do business together in a cost effective way. There are no middle-men involved ! French management & rental companies can also use the service to promote their developments. Your property can be available? for rent? within hours.

Contact us now if you are interested in letting your property!

Rental Landlords/Property Managers – Christelle Schenck, who is an absolute hawk with regard to every listing entrusted to L’Emplacement. L’Emplacement has increased the rent roll and decreased vacancy loss for every Exclusive Landlord they represent. L’Emplacement is simply the best at getting properties rented while eliminating the frustration landlords feel while dealing with most brokers.

Please contact Christelle Schenck at any time. Whether you represent one apartment or one hundred buildings, you will find, she will make your life easier!

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